Product description 
*1080P Video Recording. The AC-44P2 On dash camera records video by itself, and the ATOTO Android Car stereo acts as the operation interface - It does not require store space from Android car stereo, as itself has Micro SD slot. It has specified app "HD DVR" for operation management 
*Micro SD storage card is not included, and is up to 256GB. Compatible with Selected ATOTO Car Android Stereo models (ATOTO A6 & S8 series) 
*The camera has Auto Recording option,and is enabled by default. As long as it is powered by Android car stereo via USB, it will start recording automatically when you start the engine. Even if "HD DVR" app is not running, the automatic recording function will not be affected or interrupted. 
*Important video can be locked,avoid being deleted by recurring recording. You can click "take photo" button to let the camera take a picture; In addition, this camera has microphone inside and allows users to disable it if necessary.
*Easy to view recording files via a larger HD touchscreen anytime, better than dash cameras that has small screen and difficult buttons operations. 
1. Source installation file of HD DVR app has been put in the AC-44P2. Once you connect the camera to an Andriod car stereo, you will find a special USB storage (only 4M space in total) from Android file manager, and there is an APK file named "YF_SA_Release" in this special storage, just click and install it if your ATOTO Anroid car stereo does not have it preinstalled; 
2.When you put a Micro SD storage into the AC-44P2, please format it via HD DVR app. This is the required step for the on dash camera to start recording properly!