New Release! ATOTO Car Wireless Phone Charger & Holder FreeHolder01

We are so glad to let you know that ATOTO has launched our new product the car wireless phone charger & holder FreeHolder01 that works not only as a wireless phone charger but also as a phone holder.


With a reusable suction cup and an upgraded air vent clip, the FreeHolder01 can be mounted on the car air vent, windshield, or dashboard firmly as you like. Besides, the infrared sensing arms control enables you to put and remove your phone on the charger by simple and easy one-hand operation.

Hence, you do not need to plug the cable into your phone whenever you are in the car. What you need to do is getting your phone close to the charger, the charger arms will release automatically, then putting your phone on, then the arms will lock by themselves and the charging starts instantly.

Furthermore, the FreeHolder01 can be adjusted by any angle to ensure you have an ideal and safe viewing angle during driving. In this way, you can have a safer way to use the navigation, make a phone call and read the text.

Last but not least, the FreeHolder01 has brilliant compatibility, it has a 3-level adjustable bottom foot to suit various phone sizes. Moreover, its effective wireless charging distance is ≤ 4 mm, therefore the phone can be charged with the phone case together (Note: the thick phones and some particular phone cases like wooden case and wallet case are not supported).

For detailed information about FreeHolder01, please visit the product page at: