How to program the steering wheel control keys?


The process of setting steering wheel keys:

Step 1: Enter into the product steering wheel setting menu:
      Settings/device/default settings/steering wheel program.

Step 2: Press and hold the key on the product, simultaneously press and hold the corresponding key on car steering wheel till the product key doesn’t flash and the corner is marked as a triangle.
Program all the keys as the above methods, after all keys finished, press               to finish programming.


  1. The original steering wheel control programming is only based on resistance anolog signal input.
  2. The digital steering wheel control of the vehicle may need a box for transforming the digital to analog signal. And then connect analog steering wheel line to the product steering wheel line.
  3. Be sure to first connect to the thinner black ground lead and then connect the keys to original car steering wheel wire. It depends on original car steering wheel wire about whether to connect one key or two keys If the original car has one wire, just connect either of them (there is no difference for the two keys) If two wires, connect both of them (there is no sequence for connection)