How to install ATOTO car stereo?

Before installation
  • Make preparations in advance if installation requires drilling holes or other modifications of the vehicle.
  • Before making a final installation of this product, temporarily connect the wiring to confirm that the connections are correct and the system works properly.
 Installation notes
  • When connecting wires, ensure the connected wires are taped by insulating tape, including USB . Do not allow any bare wiring to remain exposed.
  • To avoid short-circuiting, cover the disconnected lead with insulating tape. It is especially important to insulate all unused speaker leads, which if left uncovered may cause a short circuit.

There are three steps for installing ATOTO car stereo

Step1:Get the right installation kit

Check the size of installation frame and the product(For example:Ford Vehicles )  
The Internal size of the frame is 173*97MM, the product’s external size must match the size of 173*97MM
Step2 Make cable connection as suggested

Step3 Install the product on the vehicle console as the suggested position