ATOTO AD3WCP Wireless CarPlay Adapter - Convert Your Wired CarPlay to Wireless!

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Compatible Head-Units:

Incompatible Head-Units:

Compatible Phones:

Incompatible Phones:

Convert OEM Wired CarPlay to Wireless!

Add wireless CarPlay capability to Your wired CarPlay factory head-units or aftermarket Head-units. Use all your essential iPhone functions on the road, with wireless CarPlay.

No need the USB cable anymore, so much easier and convenient to get on the road without having to plug in your phone.


After the Simple Initial Setup, You can Have Automatic Connection Every Time when You Start Your Car!

  • Step 1: Connect the adapter (Refer to as AD3) to the USB port of your head unit via the USB cable; After about 10s, the power light will be constantly red while the status light will flash the blue light, now the AD3 is ready to be paired;
  • Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth & Wi-Fi networks on your phone (Make sure your phone does not connect to any other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi); your phone will scan the available devices.
  • Step 3: Click AD3 in the available device list, two pop-up windows will show consecutively on your phone screen: Window of Bluetooth Pairing Request,click the Pair; Window of Use CarPlay with AD3, click Use CarPlay;
  • Step 4: Paired successfully. The status light flashes the green light, and the head-unit enters the CarPlay mode automatically.
How to Upgrade Your AD3?
  1. Format the SD card;
  2. Copy the unzipped file "1260. swu" to the root directory of the SD card;
  3. Insert the SD card into the slot (mind the inserting direction);
  4. AD3 will detect the upgrade package and enter the upgrading mode after about 15 seconds;
  5. During the upgrading period, AD3 will reboot twice while its two indicators will keep flashing;
  6. Please remove the SD card after the second rebooting to avoid the repeat upgrade.