In 2014, the way people drive was forever revolutionized with the introduction of CarPlay by Apple (and shortly after that of Android Auto by Google). Driving has been easier and more fun than ever: with your hands never leaving the steering wheel, you can get directions, make calls, send/receive messages, listen to music, podcasts, news, and do a whole lot more. Since then, ATOTO has played a part in this revolution by bringing our customers quality car stereos that are CarPlay-and-Android-Auto-ready. We have received numerous feedbacks and enjoyed detailed reviews on how our products make their motoring life easier and more fun.
However, some people simply find the task of replacing a whole car stereo too demanding, and some just do not want to point screw drivers at their beloved companion on the road and invade the dashboard, but they still would love to enjoy all the conveniences and entertainment that CarPlay and Android Auto bless us with. This is why we are bringing you P8, the PND that comes with reliable wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto (5G Wi-Fi transmission) while sitting peacefully above your original stereo!
Powered through the cigarette lighter, P8 is a true plug-and-play solution (compatible with both 12v and 24v). It literally only takes minutes between unboxing and starting to use CarPlay or Android Auto. Just stick P8 on the windshield wiper or the dashboard, or make it clip onto an air vent blade (sticking holder and clipping holder included). It is also compatible with commonly available holders on the market. Now you can get directions, make calls, send/receive messages, listen to music/news/audiobooks/podcasts while never having to take your eyes off the road. With the options of audio output into the original head unit either by Auxiliary Out (high quality stereo sound) or by FM Out (top-notch FM transmission sound quality), P8 is more than capable of delivering fantastic audio experiences.
Besides, there is another option to integrate your phone with P8: phone mirroring, which is wireless, too! You can view your phone’s display content on P8’s ultra-clear QLED screen which not only offers fantastic color rendition, but also comes with a full 178° viewing angle. What’s more, the built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to surrounding lighting. We try our best to ensure the comfort and pleasure of your eyes.
Another massive feature is the front and rear recording cameras (both 1080P), which may need to be purchased separately. They both support strong light suppression, which means even if the lights facing the cameras are very strong, they can still make a clear recording. This is useful not only for keeping evidence in the form of videos and pictures, but also for assisting the driver in clearly viewing the traffic situation in front of or behind the vehicle even in the face of very strong lights. Both cameras automatically start recording as long as there is an SD card (included) inserted in the SD card slot. P8 also comes with a built-in gravity sensor (sensitivity adjustable), which automatically locks videos once it senses that there has been an unusual change of gravity centers. After all, safety first.
Other features on P8 include wired Android Auto, phone quick charge, USB music playback, OTA upgrade, IR wireless control (optional), etc.
P8 is a plug-and-play navigation device armed with the latest technologies that will make driving super easy and enjoyable for you without having to replace your head unit. We will make a further announcement once it is available for purchase.