ATOTO Wireless Steering Wheel Controller
  • Specially Designed & programmed for ATOTO M4 Series, watchband-look makes it easy to hook to steering wheel, and looks much better.
  • 5 keys to control the ATOTO Android Car Stereo,including voice command, volume control,skip next/skip forward
  • Make driving safer, as you can control the stereo even your car has no original steering wheel keys control during driving.
  • All keys have backlight materials, so it will be very helpful for user's night driving!

Product description

ATOTO IR Wireless Romote Steering wheel controller with backlight keys is specially designed & programmed ONLY for ATOTO M4(M4171/M4172/M4271/M4272) series, and ATOTO A6 Series(to be released). It does not work with any other headunit on the market. With this controller kit, user can use it in vehicles that has no original steering wheel keys control to operate the headunit. There are 5 keys on the kit, and 2 of them has multifunction. They work as: Volume+/Volume-/Hang Up(Skip Forward)/Answer(Skip Next)/Voice Command. This ATOTO SWC kit could also assist driver to run system recovery in case ATOTO Headunit system crashes and drivers are not able to access "reset factory data" from system settings.
Users need to update the ATOTO M4 firmware to ATOTO OS 8.6.1 to use the hard reset feature from wireless steering wheel control kit. How to update the M4 series? Contact with your order number to get the update guide.