ATOTO OS 8.6.1 with OTA Function

Attention for OTA:

1- The update includes two parts, the first part OS will update automatically after downloaded, the second part MCU needs to be confirmed manually  about 10 seconds after OS update finish.
If your MCU is already the newest,  the system will not detect it.

 2- If the MCU part is not updated to the version BCB8, the buttons of wireless steering wheel control(AC-4442 and AC-44F3) may not work properly. So if you already have our wireless steering wheel controller, it is a must to check the version of MCU in system info of system settings.

Optimizations and fix
1- Add OTA function, and users can update the unit online if the unit is connected to internet.
2-Optimizes ATOTO cursor moving performance and
    change the button functions for model AC-4442(ATOTO wireless steering wheel controller)
3-Fixes an issue there is no place for OBD pin code input.
4-Fixes an issue that audio playing will be interrupted by WIFI signal status sound.
5-Add rear camera image inverting function.
6-Add TTS function and users can get local language map voice.
7-Add phone direct dial function on third part App on the condition that bluetooth is connected    to the unit.
8-Add RT (radio text)
This function allows a radio station to transmit a 64-character free-form text that can be either static (such as station slogans) or in sync with the programming (such as the title and artist of the currently playing song).

ATOTO OS 8.6.1

Optimization and fix
Optimize the button operation sequence for AC-4442 and AC-44F3.
Fix language display error when backing car on the condition of no rear view camera connection.
Optimize the display brightness in standby mode.