What is the difference between M4171 and M4272?

Both M4171 and M4272 share the same Motherboard and Soc Chip, as well as other hardware parts. The differences are:

1. M4272 has bigger inner storage -32 GB, while M4171 has 16GB. So the price of M4272 will be slightly higher than M4171;

2. M4272 has 4 USB Outputs, while M4171 has 3;

3. The front panel size of M4272 is 174mm*98mm, and M4171 is 178mm*101.5mm. The reasons why we release 2 models with different front panel size are:
a). Original car dashboard size - As the ISO Double Din size is 178mm*100mm(7"*3.94"), so most cars adopt this standard, but they may use bigger size front radio panel/frame, like some earliy Nissan,Hyundai models using178mm*102mm size, if your car radio space happens to be of this size, you can choose M4171. If yours requires refitting and you have the size of the frame, you can compare and choose the right model;  If your car dashboard has bigger size space compared with M4272(174mm*98mm),but you purchased it, you will have slightly gap after installation.

b). Buyer may have or will purchase refitting frame(installation dash frame kit) from third party company;
we have done a lot of researches on installation issues, some buyer may have installed aftermarket headunit before(Pioneer, JVC, or other brands) and the size of frame kit may smaller for a M4171(178mm*101.5mm) , then you need to trim to get it installed, or you need to purchase the the M4272 model, which has smaller front panel size, while keeps the 7" touchscreen!
Trimming may get the frame kit fragile, and it may be broken if you are not skilled at it. So if you require a smaller front panel size unit, we strongly recommand that you purchase the M4272.

As far as we know, all 7" HD(1024*600) Android car stereos on the market has 178*100mm, 178*102mm,or 178mm*104mm, there is no one that has smaller front panel size as M4272(174mm*98mm).

If you still have question, please email us for further discussion.