How the "only 2s to boot" works?

Usually when you shut down your car engine and take the key off(some other cars requires driver to open the driving door to trigger), car radio(original & aftermarket), as well as other car electronics will be powered off. Actually car stereo is still connected to the battery.
We checked on Ford Escape 2016(Titanium), its radio is staying connected to car battery all the time, which means the radio is only in sleep mode. ATOTO M4 series adopt such idea and take a lot of measures to ensure it performs practical and reliable. We use MCU to control this, all apps are killed, only the system is left for sleeping at ultra-low power consuption rate. So when you start the car, the system wakes up within 2s when receiving the ACC power signal.

1.Will this draw the car battery? The answer is absolutely not. As is stated above, the stereo in sleeping mode has ultra-low consuption rate. In a lot of  experiments, the car batterys(45Ah-55Ah) can sustain 300-400 days for continuous supplying power, but with the MCU control program added, M4 unit itself will power off by inner clock if sleeping time is over 360hrs(15 days). So in 15 days, it will ONLY consume 3% - 4% of the total battery capaciy. This is based on the assumption that users leave their car parked in garage for long days without driving. If you drive your car daily, then car battery is in charge immediately, so the MCU will not power off untill user manually operated. If you park your car for more than 15 days, then you will find that the first time you start your car, it takes 20-25s for the unit to boot.

2.We have tested on tens of vehicles(from 2006 to 2016) with different capacity battery(36Ah -60Ah), this fast booting feature works stable and reliable. The feature adopted in new cars(in car entertainment fast booting) can be used in aftermarket headunit now!

3.Why this feature is practical and useful for driver?
Fast booting means user's phone can be connected to headunit quickly and handsfree is ready within a very short time. Also user can access to apps(radio/navigation/music app) within 3-5s(especially interrupted by adding fuel in service area on highway driving,its easy to get previous apps worked again), however if it takes 20-30s to boot, things are totally different.

4.Will the system become slowly respond?
User can reboot the system manually at regular intervals to be sure system responds promptly.