*What is the key features of A6 Series(ATOTO A6 Standard/ATOTO A6 Premium): 

  • Loaded with deeply customized Android 6.0 version;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with MORE features, Quick 2s Boot;
  • Both RAM Memory and inner storage have more option - 1GB+16GB, or 2GB+32GB.
  • DAB+ interface available for EU market;
  • Hands Gesture Recognition & Fast 2A Charge (Only available for certain models of ATOTO A6 Premium);
  • Other more features(not disclosed here, some features will be open when products are ready for selling, Others are left for users to discover).
  • Bluetooth handsfree microphone performance and Wi-Fi reception will be totally improvided!  And A6 premium use better external microphone
*How many models are available from A6 Series;

  • Double Din 6.2in Touchscreen with physical buttons
  • Double Din 7in touchscreen with front panel size 178mm*101mm;
  • Double Din 7in touchscreen with front panel size 173mm*97mm;
  • Single Din 7in touchscreen with motorized panel;
  • Double Din 8" touchscreen specific for VW universal models;
  • Double Din 10.1in touchscreen with detached screen panel;
  • 7" touchscreen specified for Selected GM models, Toyota Models, BMW models;
  • Specific double din 9in for certain vehicle models like Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Honda,and more.
*What is the selling price?

The Premium version: about 240usd - 299usd, and the  Standard version: 200-220usd. The price of both version varies by front panel, touchscreen size, inner RAM/Storage, and specific harness.
*When will them be available?

Now some of them are close to mass production and will be available between 15,Aug -- 30, Sept (ATOTO A6 Premium will be of the first available models and available in 8 Amazon markets, the 7" double din 178mm &173mm will be sent to Amazon warehouse before 15,Aug), the others will be avaiable in the next 2-3 weeks after that. 
*Where can I purchase them from?

All ATOTO products can be found and purchased on:

About 100pcs of A6 have been sent to Amazon EU/USA warehouse and they will be available 4-8 days.