*What is the key features of A6 Series(ATOTO A6 Standard/ATOTO A6 Premium): 

  • Loaded with deeply customized Android 6.0 version;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with MORE features, Quick 2s Boot;
  • Both RAM Memory and inner storage have more option - 1GB+16GB, or 2GB+32GB.
  • DAB+ interface available for EU market;
  • Hands Gesture Recognition & Fast 2A Charge (Only available for certain models of ATOTO A6 Premium);
  • Other more features(not disclosed here, some features will be open when products are ready for selling, Others are left for users to discover).
  • Bluetooth handsfree microphone performance and Wi-Fi reception will be totally improvided!  And A6 premium use better external microphone
*How many models are available from A6 Series;

  • Double Din 6.2in Touchscreen with physical buttons
  • Double Din 7in touchscreen with front panel size 178mm*101mm;
  • Double Din 7in touchscreen with front panel size 173mm*97mm;
  • Single Din 7in touchscreen with motorized panel;
  • Double Din 8" touchscreen specific for VW universal models;
  • Double Din 10.1in touchscreen with detached screen panel;
  • 7" touchscreen specified for Selected GM models, Toyota Models, BMW models;
  • Specific double din 9in for certain vehicle models like Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Honda,and more.
*What is the selling price?

The Premium version: about 240usd - 299usd, and the  Standard version: 200-220usd. The price of both version varies by front panel, touchscreen size, inner RAM/Storage, and specific harness.
*When will them be available?

Now some of them are close to mass production and will be available between 15,Aug -- 30, Sept (ATOTO A6 Premium will be of the first available models and available in 8 Amazon markets, the 7" double din 178mm &173mm will be sent to Amazon warehouse before 15,Aug), the others will be avaiable in the next 2-3 weeks after that. 
*Where can I purchase them from?

All ATOTO products can be found and purchased on:
*Can I be a member of ATOTO pioneer users to test the A6 series products?

We can only accept application request from current ATOTO M4 users, or new users recommended by current ATOTO M4 users, or users who have contacted us before (and have been approved or invited)for new released ATOTO products to test ATOTO A6 series.
In addition, heavy users of Android device, and users who have experience listed below will be approved with top priority:
* be skilled at installing car stereos, 
* be good at writing reviews/blog, making video reviews,running a youtube channel
* Have used Android car stereo from other suppliers before;