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  • How many system languages are available in ATOTO M4 M4171/M4172/M4271/M4272?

    We added a few system languages in the ATOTO M4 series 2 months later after they were released What are these languages? See below


  • How the "only 2s to boot" works?

    M4 Series(M4171,M4272) has a feature called fast booting, which allows user to access system within less than 2s when car is started How does this function works detailedly?


  • How to install ATOTO car stereo?

    Before installation Make preparations in advance if installation requires drilling holes or other modifications of the vehicle Before making a final installation of this product, temporarily connect the wiring to confirm that the connections are correct and the system works properly


  • What installation kit does ATOTO stereo fit?

    Our engineers overcome the structure difficulties, making the size fitting Metra installation kit, which length is 173mm and width 97mm More importantly, with this...