We aim to provide consumers the highest standard of Customer Service.

To help us in answering your questions or solving your issues, detailed information is highly appreciated:
1. Order no, platform where you purchased the product, or eBay buyer ID;
2. Vehicle  brand,model, sub-model, year of manufacturing
3. Does your car have original amplifier or not? Did you add aftermaket amplifier to your car after it was manufactured?
4. Can you provide images or videos to illustrate how the issue displayed?

Official email support:

Our customer-service engineers will reply to you within 24 business hours. Weekend support is not available and all inquiries will be delayed to be processed in next working time.

In addition, ATOTO launched Online Customer Service Support System (AOCSS) which could help ATOTO users to find more than 500 articles and users can register product online for future warranty service, as well as help each others via this online system.
Below is the screenshot of the ATOTO Online Customer Service Support System: